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The Edible Cookbook by Korefe

German design agency Korefe has created the world’s first real cookbook, an edible instruction manual for making a classic lasagna.

Called ‘The Real Cookbook’, the cook-able and edible cookbook is made of 100% fresh pasta, and gives you the recipe on how to make a classic lasagne at the same time.

Other than instructions, The Real Cookbook plays an essential part as one of the main ingredients in making the lasagne—first, the user reads each inscribed fresh pasta page of the guide, learning the steps necessary to make the dish. Then, each informative sheet is baked into a home-crafted lasagna with the filling ingredients complementing the text-covered base.

Once baked, the book becomes good enough to eat.

‘the real cookbook’ was designed for the culinary and art focused publishing company, gerstenberg publishing house in a limited edition series.

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