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PFW Runway Report: ‘Chanel Shopping Center’ Fashion Show

Creative director Karl Lagerfeld has turned an everyday task of going to the supermarket into work of Art! For his Chanel Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear show at the Grand Palais in Paris, Lagerfeld transformed the runway into a “Chanel Shopping Center” which showcased more than 100,000 items, all designed and branded with Chanel packaging.

The Shopping Center aka Supermarket was fully stocked with everything you could ever dream of finding at your typical supermarket was right there on the runway, and everything was real. Products included: chocolate, ketchup, pasta, honey-baked ham, salmon, and even household items. Models could even pick up the necessary ingredients for a savory brunch: fresh eggs, fruit, coffee and loaves of fresh bread. And, of course, since it’s France, Lagerfield didn’t hold back on the selection of wine and cheese — there was even a fromagerie section with giant wheels of parmesan and brie. After the models were done filling up their Chanel gold chain-trimmed grocery baskets during the “runway” presentation, all of the guests were invited on stage to “shop” themselves.

Plus to make this event even better any left over products from the show would either be donated, or used in store windows and/or ad campaigns.