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Hunger Pains by Ted Sabarese

Featured today in the ‘Fashion Meets Food Series’, NYC based photographer Ted Sabarese wow’s us with his photo series titled “Hunger Pains” . In the series instead of clothing, each of the models garments was made entirely out of Real Food (vegetables, pasta, bread, waffles and even meat) and depicts a meal that the person was craving at the time.

Sabarese recalls the Hunger Pains photo shoot and the amount of planning it consumed:

“It took a ton of planning, but I finally shot my personal project “Hunger Pains” on January 25th. Unfathomable designs by Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions (and her incredible staff)? Check. Just the right talent? Check. A studio full of food and 16 hours to make it happen? Check.

I’ve had a fascination, lately, with the relationship between people and what they eat. The models wore clothes made entirely of real food that depict a meal each person was craving. It was a wild process creating the outfits. “

The artichoke gown was designed by Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of project Runway fame. It took over 6 hours to finish (the model stood the entire time while they attached each individual leaf).